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letter of consent for trademark application

What is letter of consent? What does it do?

The document, which has been used by many countries in the international arena for many years and can also be referred to as a coexistence agreement, was finally entered into force with the Turkish Industrial Property Code as of January 1, 2017 in Turkey as

Why should You Register Your Trademark?

Although we do not notice it much in daily life, brands/trademarks are the cornerstones of the relationship between companies and their buyers and customers. The impression and reputation created by the trademarks determine the most important decision of consumers in the purchase of goods or

The Newest Geographical Indication of Turkey: Kaman Walnut!

Kaman Municipality’s application for the geographical indication of Kaman walnut has been concluded with registration. Kaman walnut is famous for its unique thin shell and quality. With the grant of registration, the Kaman Municipality, as the proprietor, will be able to control the producers and suppliers, commence legal process and