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Things to Consider Before Making a Trademark Application

What is a Trademark?

  • It is a sign.
  • It enables the goods or services of an enterprise to be distinguished from the goods or services of other enterprises.
  • It should be demonstratable in the registry so that the subject of the protection provided to the trademark owner is clearly and precisely understood.

What Can be Trademarked?

  • All words, including names of people,
  • Logos,
  • Letters,
  • Slogans,
  • Shapes of goods and packaging,
  • Position marks,
  • Colors and color combinations,
  • Patterns,
  • Sounds,
  • Motion marks.

What Should Be Considered When Creating a Trademark?

  • Your trademark should be distinctive.
  • It should not include terms used by everyone in the commercial field.
  • It should not be misleading in matters such as the quality, quality, geographical source of the goods and services.
  • It should not contain religious values ​​and symbols.
  • It should not be against public order and morality.
  • It should not contain the form necessary to obtain the shape or technical result that is the nature of the product.
  • It should not be a historical and cultural sign of public interest.
  • The right class should be determined, and possible obstacles to the registration of your trademark should be determined before making an application by conducting a similar trademark search.
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