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2021 Trademark Application and Registration Fees in Turkey

Official fees must be paid at certain stages of the registration process in order to carry out transactions regarding trademark applications. The countries where you want your brand to be protected charge different rates of official fees.

The only competent authority regarding trademark applications in Turkey is the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. In this article, you can find the official fees to be paid for trademark applications in 2021.

Type of Service2021 Fees (TRY) 
Filing fee for a single class280
Filing fee for each additional class280
Registration fee750
Fee for issue of a certification copy of registration285
Fee for issue of a trademark registry copy285
Fee for recording of the whole or partial transfer665
Fee for recording of a merger or putting real capital680
Fee for recording of an inheritance665
Fee for registration of a license and fee for the renewal of a license975
Fee for recording of a pledge665
Fee for recording of a priority right310
Fee for editing and classification of goods and services195
Fee for the issue of a certificate of priority right310
Opposition against applications published on Official Trademark Bulletin185
Request for official information for trademarks45
Handling fee for proceedings of the applications under the Madrid Protocol440
Handling fee for the proceedings of the subsequent designations and other requests under the Madrid Protocol255
Fee for replacement and transformation under the Madrid Protocol255
Fee for division of an application655
Renewal fee within expiry date (within 6 months before expiry date)940
Renewal fee after expiry date (within 6 months after expiry date)1.840
Partially Renewal Fee within Expiry Date (within 6 months before expiry date)940
Partially Renewal Fee after Expiry Date (within 6 months after expiry date)1.840
Examination Fee of Well-Known Trademark Application5.520
Response to Refusal Decision425
Source: Turkish Patent and Trademark Office

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