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Why should You Register Your Trademark?

Although we do not notice it much in daily life, brands/trademarks are the cornerstones of the relationship between companies and their buyers and customers. The impression and reputation created by the trademarks determine the most important decision of consumers in the purchase of goods or services. Therefore, a single brand is enough to give an idea about your or your company’s reputation, products, and services. For this reason, it is very important to have information about trademark protection and registration and to take necessary actions in this sense.

So, what is trademark? A trademark is any sign that allows you to distinguish the goods and / or services subject to your business from the goods and / or services of another business. This could be a name, color, slogan, sign, logo. Any distinctive sign can be a trademark. Having a unique and memorable name or emblem makes your business, products and services more known and noticeable compared to your competitors.

After determining your trademark, there are 2 other important points you need to decide before registration: *Deciding on the countries where you use and plan to use your trademark and therefore need to register; *correctly identifying the products and services you will use your brand for and choosing the classes to apply. Following these steps, you can start the registration process.

There is no registration requirement for the use of trademarks. However, getting your trademark registered will provide the following benefits:

  • If you do not have a trademark registration, someone else can register your trademark. This creates an obstacle and risk for your right to use the brand. Trademark registration is an official process applied before official institutions in Turkey and the world. Owning a registered trademark protects your rights and provides a legal basis to prevent third parties from using similar signs and phrases and enjoying the reputation of your business and your brand.
  • After registering your brand, you can get more financial gain from your brand. You can sell, transfer, and license your brand.
  • Although unregistered brands used in connection with the sale of goods and services may provide some legal protection, your burden of proof is much greater if someone duplicates or breaches your creation. Owning a registered trademark provides additional protection in possible imitation and infringement situations and helps reduce your burden of proof.
  • Registering your trademark prevents other companies from owning a similar or the same brand. Registering your brand gives you exclusive rights to operate and marketing.
  • Protecting your brand means protecting the identity of your business.
  • By registering your trademark, you will be sure that your brand is not like others’.
  • Owning a registered trademark allows you to take legal action against people or companies who violate your trademark rights. For example, when you register your trademark, you can prevent counterfeit products from entering to the country by submitting your registration certificate to customs.
  • As you develop, sell and offer your brand to the public, your trademark grows, develops and begins to be recognized. Revenues you gain through your trademark reveal your brand value. Having a registration is important in terms of determining your company value, as well.
  • Registering your trademark prevents the risk of confusion of consumers while purchasing products in the market. Thus, it is an important marketing tool. It separates you from your competitors.
  • Your trademark registration will significantly strengthen your hand while taking action against domain names bearing the same name as your brand, which may mislead the public.

In short, your brand is one of the most important assets of your company, and registration is the most necessary investment to protect your most valuable asset.