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IP Offices Take Further Measures to Cope with the Covid-19

The Czech IP Office (UPV)  has announced that that it will be open only Monday and Wednesday between 09:00 in the morning and 14:00 in the afternoon, starting from 23 November 2020 until 12 December 2020.

The Portuguese IP Office (INPI) has stated that in light of ongoing measures to control the Covid-19 outbreak, all its services will be provided only online until December 31, 2020.

The Chinese IP Office (CNIPA), EUIPO, Japanese IP Office (JPO), Korean IP Office (KIPO), and the USPTO, as part of the TM5 initiative, have expressed their joint support for all those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and pledged their commitment to helping trademark and design users through the crisis.

According to a statement from the TM5, “partner offices have undertaken individual and collaborative efforts to support trademark and design owners”, including “extending deadlines, broadening e-communications, reinforcing teleworking environments to ensure business continuity, conducting training events virtually, and prioritising the examination of applications for products and services relevant to addressing the pandemic”.

– The UK IP Office (UKIPO) has announced that the fax service has been shut down, so all documents that cannot be filed online must be sent to forms@ipo.gov.uk.

– The Montenegro IP Office (ZISCG) has stated that as of 4 November 2020, all transactions and applications for intellectual property will be made via e-mail.

– The German IP Office (DPMA)  has announced that from 19 October 2020, due to the increasing Covid-19 cases, there will be no intellectual property hearings.

– The Croatian IP Office (DZIV)  has stated that from 5 November 2020, the institution can only be contacted by phone or e-mail.

– The Australian IP Office has stated that, until 31 January 2021, the extension of time requests can be made free of charge for some of the transactions determined by the Office.

– The Lebanon IP Office has confirmed that from 14 November to 30 November it is “partially operating” due to a nationwide lockdown order. In that period, it is accepting only priority-based applications.

– The Iraq IP Office has resumed its work at approximately 25% capacity until further notice. However, at present, the receiving of search requests and filing applications remains suspended. 

– The Taiwan IP Office (TIPO) has stated that, until its next announcement, applicants cannot attend face-to-face appointments and interviews. Employees of the institution will be able to communicate with applicants via video conference.

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