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How BioNTech will Name its Covid-19 Vaccine as a Trademark in UK?

The United Kingdom has officially begun the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines as of December 8th. With the extraordinarily rapid approval of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regularity Agency (MHRA), amount of 800.000 vaccines were brought to the UK in the first place.

But the trademark name has not been legally revealed yet.

According to the UK Intellectual Property Office and EUIPO database, there have been five trademark applications in the name of BioNTech Se in the scope of good ‘vaccines for human use’.

Priority right claims based on BioNTech’s previous German trademark applications are noteworthy in all these five TM applications in the UK. This means if the cited trademarks are granted registration in the UK, BioNTech will be able to protect its trademarks against third parties as of the application date in Germany.

The current situation of the trademark applications is that COVUITY, KOVIMERNA and COMIRNATY are published in the Bulletin whereas the device mark is still under examination and the RNAXCOVI trademark is registered.

It is a mystery that which trademark will be used in the first country approving Covid-19 vaccine!