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Difference between Plant Breeder’s Rights and National Listing

Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) and National Listing (NL) are two different things. 

NL is a legal requirement for the marketing of seed and plant material of plant varieties. When the vegetable or agricultural variety is included in the Turkish NL, it is admitted for marketing in Turkey. In this way, it also guarantees the value for cultivation and use, the quality of the planting material, and that the variety is not dangerous to human health, animals, plants, or the environment.

On the other hand, PBR provides a way to protect the ownership of a variety and can be applied by the breeder. As a member state of the UPOV, Turkey has a national Plant Breeders’ Rights system that is based on the UPOV Convention since 2007. However, UPOV does not provide international protection for PBR, and to each country of interest, separate applications should be made. If a new variety complies with DUS (Distinct, Uniform, and Stable) criteria and has been given an accepted name, the Plant Breeders’ Right will be granted. The variety will be listed on the Turkish Register of Varieties.