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Plant Variety Rights

ETERNA IP provides a full range of services in all aspects of proceedings related to plant variety rights.

  • Filing and registration proceedings
  • Recordal of assignment
  • Recordal of change of name
  • Withdrawal proceedings
  • Annuity payments
  • Translation services

Requests relating to plant breeder’s right are made to The General Directorate of Plant Production (BUGEM) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

BUGEM enforces Law No. 5042 on the Protection of  Plant Breeder’s Rights for New Plant Variety.

Turkey is a member of TRIPS, UPOV Convention, and CPVO.

Turkish citizens and the citizens of member states of UPOV can file applications for plant breeder’s rights.

Applicants who are domiciled outside the borders of Turkey can only be represented by representatives residing in Turkey with a legalized Power of Attorney.

The General Directorate of Plant Production (BUGEM) carries out the following steps for registration:

  • Preliminary Examination (formal requirements)
  • Substantive Examination (novelty, conformity assessment of denomination of plant variety, the authority of the applicant)
  • Publication of application
  • Examination of oppositions
  • Technical Examination (distinctness, uniformity, and stability of the variety)
  • Registration
  • Publication of registration

The protection term is 25 years from the registration date. This term is 30 years for trees, vines, and potatoes.

Annuities are paid within the month of January each year.

  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Assignment of rights (covering the name and address of the breeder and the indication how the rights were acquired) if the applicant is not the breeder
  • Turkish and Latin denomination of the variety in the botanical taxon
  • Denomination of the variety or provisional denomination used by the breeder
  • Information about priority, if any
  • Technical specifications of the variety
  • Documents and information relating to the commercial transactions, if any
  • Legalized Power of Attorney